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Moira Cue (American, b. 1975) is recognized for her large-scale, abstract oil paintings of multiple translations of a single virtuous word or idea. Some paintings in the series are limited to a black and white palette, and others are more colorful—ranging from barely perceptible tints, to subdued monochrome, to a vibrant full spectrum.

These highly charged, expressive panels are frequently layered with underpaintings of leaf imprints, smeared biological material; raw gestures such as cuts, stabs, and scribbles; and fine particles of dirt and detritus.

Her signature style evolved from a lifetime of study and practice. The work creates a positive, contemplative space for today’s global community.

Dimensions: All paintings in this series are four feet by six feet (48” x 72” vertical; 72” x 48” horizontal). Medium: All paintings in this series are oil on wood. Image: Thumbnails present cropped view. Click to enlarge for full composition.


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