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The Virtue Series 

“A deeply felt response to today’s distressed world.” – Frederika B. Roeder

From November 2014 to June of 2020, Moira Cue (b. 1975, lives in Los Angeles) created 108 6’ x 4 / 4’ x 6’ “positive idea” paintings, using the act of translation and coding as a conceptual springboard for rich painterly experience. The series began in a limited black and white palette, and eventually shifted to bold and varied color. Her technique included “deliberately accidental” drips and pours as well as extreme gesture and performance. Later works in the series make extensive use of leaf imprints.

The artist explains, “Because they’re about language, they’re about meaning. Because they’re about meaning, they point to the Tao.

And I’ve drawn somewhat classically Taoist, rather than postmodern, conclusions about the limitations of language and the meaninglessness of words.”

Dimensions: All paintings in this series are four feet by six feet (48” x 72” vertical; 72” x 48” horizontal). Medium: All paintings in this series are oil on wood. Image: Thumbnails present cropped view. Click to enlarge for full composition.

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