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At the age of 15, after meeting at Interlochen Arts Camp, Moira Cue became pen pals with 56 year old painter Robert Barnes—Duchamp’s last studio assistant. In a letter, Barnes (to paraphrase) advised Cue to think of all of the artists in the world as a series of dots, and to think of herself as the last in in a long line of a series of dots; [to know] …that every painter, every painting, related to every other. The idea was critically important. Two of Ms. Cue’s earliest, important mentors were Professor Larry Junkins of the University of Wisconsin, and Bob Eland of MHS, who essentially enabled her to begin studio practice while still in her teens.

Ms. Cue’s noted teachers and peers at her alma matter, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, include contemporaries as diverse as Trevor Paglen, Tiffany Holmes, Katherine Bernhardt, Wafaa Bilal, Eduardo Kac, Rashid Johnson, Saya Woolfalk, and many others.

Since her years at SAIC, she has met, interviewed, and corresponded with artists including Lluís Barba, Ed Moses, Julian Schnabel, Jane Szabo, Tao Dong Dong, and Brian Andrew Whiteley, to name a few.

Ms. Cue is an ardent student of art history. Her mature work “relates” to a voluminous collection of other paintings, in the manner in which Barnes described.

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